8 Things About Flinky


July 26, 19xx. This is my bestfriends day! (I put ‘x’ because maybe she doesn’t want others to know her real age. Sometimes she’s a liar. Hahahaha 😀 ) 

It’s her birthday! Happy Birthday Bez! 😀 

happy birthday

She’s the one who NEVER calls me payat, because she calls me ‘taba'(always). And I’m used to it. She’s the one whom I am not with always. But we sure find time for each other. We both love kwek-kwek, isaw, bbq at Tanay Park (that’s our bonding). We rarely chat and text and meet, but who cares? She’s still my bestfriend. 🙂

So, this is my ever dearest bestfriend.. (maumay kayo sa picture nya! hahaha )

Happy Birthday Bez!

Hapi Bday Bez!

Happy Birthday Bez!

Big Cheeks!

Happy Birthday Bez!

2×2 ID Picture

Happy Birthday Bez!

pacute face..

Happy Birthday Bez!

One eyed.








            Flinky Ivonne Raymundo Matawaran as stated on her birth certificate. They call her flinky, flinks, ivonne, or alice (her name in Pacifica online game). She is mataray, and sometimes maarte and we both love to talk about other peoples businesses (yes, we really do.) Hahaha 😀

I do admire her because she is so brave, she always stand for her belief and she has a lot of self confidence in herself. She loves her family more than anything else in this world. From her mon to her dad, her little brother to her tita’s and cousins. And ofcourse her niece, Baby Bee.


But, before anything else, lets give some cheers to this beautiful and lovely mom who gave birth to her that day!


Still beautiful and stunning even after many years. 🙂 Hi Tita!

So here we go… 

8 Things about FLINKY


1. She loves reading


Yes, she does. Well sometimes “love” is understatement. She is addicted to it.




2. Pacifica Gamer

She is not a gamer. She just simply love this game. Well, isn’t it obvious? Huh, Ms. Alice.



3. Alice in Wonderland Movie

I don’t know whats with this movie but she really liked it, she even used ‘Ms. Alice’ as her name in Pacifica.


4. Baby Bee

She really loves her like her own child.
Milk please…..
You look like her mom here, bez! Maybe you should adopt her. Hahaha 😀











5. Her friends in Pacifica..

pacifica friends
Yes she loves you guys! Very Much!
pacifica 3
And you guys too…


6. She watches horror movies looked like THIS.

Caption please. Anyone?


 7. She loves her family…

fam pic
More than any other things in this world. 



8. And ofcourse, the last but not the least…..

Your ever most favorite actor and his oh so hot looks. And the EYES plus the ABS! Hmmmmmmmm.. Yummy! Hahahahaha.  Please don’t look at her like that Taylor.

It really needs a big space. Pleasure for your eyes bez!


So that’s it.. That’s my top 8 list for her…

How about you guys? What are the things you know about her?

Comment yours down there.

Don’t forget to greet her! It’s her special day!

Let’s make it more special by knowing we appreciate her a lot.. 🙂




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